UK based rising star NuDivision takes centre stage with his first two track FILTR Records release. Setting the standard on the A-Side is ‘Capricious’ a truly atmospheric masterpiece. Capricious beckons you into sonic discovery by floating along on a beautifully crafted pad, delicately intertwined with an enticing guitar melody and cleverly teased piano moments, all woven together with stunningly haunting vocals.

On the flip we have ‘Aquarius’ another example of liquid bliss, again with signature guitar, flirting over a huge warm sub, driven by intelligent drums and melodic arpeggio.

Both Capricious and Aquarius are superb examples of pure provocative perfection.

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Filtr Records

FILTR Records is a Liquid Dnb label in the UK showcasing the very best songs in Liquid Drum and Bass. Although Drum and Bass music has always been cutting edge, in our opinion there is nothing better than Liquid Dnb in 2021. Our releases feature liquid dnb with vocals, female vocal liquid drum and bass or liquid dnb with no vocals for those who want to get to business. You will find all of our releases on our liquid dnb playlist on YouTube and we will even be uploading a liquid dnb set from each of our artists. So whether your want a liquid dnb instrumental to escape to or a liquid drum and bass live performance to emmerse yourself in you’ve come to the right place!