Artist Spotlight

If I hit that real sweet spot between the bass and the drums then I am away. Then it becomes fun…

Rhys has been playing an active role in the music industry for quite some time across a variety of settings. a keen drummer by trade, Rhys has played within several bands, developing an acute understanding of bass lines and what a solid rhythm section can do for any track.

He acknowledges that looking back makes it easy to connect all the dots and in doing so, can clearly see how his varied exposure to music set him on a trajectory towards his love for Liquid Drum and Bass and electronica.

“I cannot help but be mesmerised by the authenticity of sound in Liquid DnB, it really taps in to that familiar acoustic and organic feel that was very much part of my first steps in to making sounds. For the first time I feel like this is where I belong and where I can push my own abilities and interests. If I hit that real sweet spot between the bass and the drums then I am away. Then it becomes fun… you can start to be playful and see where the track takes you. To me this is the best stage in producing any track”

Having been producing for over ten years, Rhys has brought this love of natural sounds in to his production.

“During the years I have been producing as co:zy, it has been a privilege to work alongside Jay and other great producers. I want to push what is perceived as the norm and try new things out. Both myself and the guys at FILTR Records are ruthless and if it  doesn’t light a fire inside us, then it doesn’t make the cut. We want our music to spark something in the listener”

Being Keen to understand production through different lenses, Rhys has also been keen to stretch himself by writing and singing on a range of tracks that have been aired around the globe and played out to thousands of people by mainstream DJs.

“I am no Luther Vandross but, I always felt that I could hold a note. If I expect another vocalist to adapt and meet my needs, for me it is about having that understanding of what it is like from their perspective. It’s hard man, especially satisfying the high expectations of some of the great producers out there and at FILTR”.

His passion for music has been forged through exposure and has led him down a path to his current situ.

“For me, it is all up in front and I am looking forward to what our world of Liquid Drum and Bass has to offer”.