Doing your bit to Promote Illegal Alien Raves? Our ‘Sounds’ travel…

Alien Raves you say? Now, if Margaret Thatcher was still alive and kicking, I am sure she wouldn’t approve and some uptight politician would be all over this like a rash. However, just like back in the late 80’s, today we still have freedom of expression.

I love this, it made me chuckle… Thatchers acid house party ban

Let’s be honest, how many of the ‘people in charge’ have ever stood amongst a crowd of sweaty ravers with their hands aloft, reaching for the sky as some of the most amazing synths and sounds have rained down upon them…  (Perhaps more than we think the sneaky monkeys). I can just picture Theresa on a podium, blowing her whistle whilst throwing some shapes via a pair of John Virgo’s pristine white Big Break referee gloves. I love to believe Boris was banging it out down the front in his neon smiley face T. I can only imagine what our Liberal Jeremy would have been up to… Although I’ll leave that to your own imagination.

The 80s saw the introduction of a digital movement, a time when people from all walks of life across diverse cultures came together to love, be loved and more importantly, to Rave! What a time, one which set the scene for the dance culture of the 90s and what we continue to enjoy today.

However, as much as I would love to continue exploring the rave culture of the 80s & 90s, I want to take it a bit broader than that. Take a minute to look up in to the sky and ponder on the possibility that our music is shaping the farthest reaches of our solar system. Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it?! The idea that there might just be an alien rave going on at this very moment, or even another Boris like creature (hard to separate I know) out there right now, tearing it up whilst listening to our beloved Liquid DNB.

The Science

The fact is sound travels. Some argue that sound cannot be heard in space at all… (pooh pooh to those non-believers… check out these haunting sounds that have been recorded from some of our neighbouring giants… a chilling range of ambient openings to any track Nasa space recordings.

However, what I am focussing on here is not whether sound can be heard ‘in space’ but, that sound waves themselves can travel through space. The argument regarding hearing sound in space, is that it requires atmosphere (great Plug-in for those producers out there) and vibration in order for ‘soundwaves’ to be heard. Ok, well let’s park this point for now. What really flicks my switch is the idea that radio waves can travel through space and my fellow audio lovers, let me tell you, it travels at a pretty rapid rate…. a rate which no BPM can match.

In a vacuum such as space, radio waves (a form of electromagnetic radiation) experience no resistance from air and so, travel at the speed of light… a little less than 300,000 km per second. To put that in perspective, a beam of light could go around the earth at the equator more than 7 times in a second. It takes around eight minutes for a radio wave to travel from Earth to the Sun, and four years to travel from Earth to the nearest star. Mind boggling isn’t it.

The following link will take you to an interesting piece of work carried out by a group of New York based computer designers, and illustrates how varying music hits from around the globe are sailing through space and offers an idea of roughly where they would be by now, based on when the track was released.  Radio waves in space

In this rather cool animation, Mariah Carey’s 1990 hit Version of Love is playing as the visual reaches 25 light-years from Earth, near Steph 538. Yes…. I did just reference Mariah Carey. But, it was around this time that dance music tempos were increasing on the rave scene, along with breakbeats and heavy basslines…. ‘Jungle’ had arrived, influenced massively by Jack Smooth and Basement Records. It was from these early experimental sounds that our DnB genre emerged and gave birth to some of the greatest and most influential electronic producers… EVER!

That would suggest that those fresh grooves the world was enticed by over the FM waves of the early to mid-90s by pioneers such as Goldie, Grooverider and Andy C, are already way outside of our own solar system. They are going to be the first Jungle & DNB sounds that any alien life forms out there will come in to contact with…. You lucky little green men, hearing it all for the first time.

If there is life out there, then they will hear what it is we have got to say (hopefully they will forgive us for most or ALL of the X-Factor contestants…. & let’s not forget about EDM, God knows we keep trying to.

Seriously folks, if there really is life out there, then by now some of the greatest dance tracks of recent generations will be winging their way to the brightest depths of our universe. WOW!!! Forget about Ground control to Major Tom!! Pffft… Ziggy Stardust was really underestimating our conversational ability.

In the words of Captain James T-J Hooker-Kirk, go boldly where no man (or woman… its 2018 folks) has gone before. So… Play it now and play it loud… you could just be influencing the musical culture of a universe, in worlds and what I hope are banging DnB clubs, across the entire vastness of space.