Demo Submission


Thanks for choosing to send us your new unreleased music. This form can be used to submit a demo to FILTR Records. Simply provide us with your info and streaming or download links. We will review your submission and then contact you via email.

We specify the following demo submission preferences:
  • Please only send unreleased music you have the rights for.
  • Please only send Dropbox, SoundCloud or other streaming links (no attachments).
  • Don’t forget to enable downloads when you send us a link.
  • Please include your real name, artist name, social/web links etc…
  • Please send genre relevant music as we are predominantly a D&B label!

FILTR Records will review your submission and if we are interested we will contact you by email. As we receive hundreds of demos a week, unfortunately we cannot respond with feedback to each one.

Once again thank you for your submission.

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