Is the soundtrack to your life the masterpiece it deserves to be?

Soundtrack to your life. We all love music right? Regardless of your taste and preferred genre, humans have something which the animals do not. We really are special creatures… we are able to consider our own existence (perhaps too much at times, or is that just me J), we can look at a piece of art on a wall and ponder its meaning, we can listen to a well-chosen and organised arrangement of sound waves and in an instant, be transported likes some magical spell, to a memory from our past or another world entirely. Music is really art in its finest form and you and I my friends, are the art critics within a digital world of sound.

Whether we agree on our musical preferences or not, I am confident that we can all agree on the power that music holds and the attention it deserves. Advances in neuro science have shown that music can influence and shape our biology, physiology and psychology in a variety of ways, and any other ‘ology’s’ that I may have missed out.

  • Our ability to perform at our best whether that be those pressurised situations such as cramming for exams or getting focussed to compete
  • Its affect on our senses, with some data showing how it can effect visual attention
  • How ambient noise can improve creativity
  • And many more

Music and the Human Brain

However, this particular message to you focusses on how music truly is the soundtrack to the story of our life.

Study – Valerie Salimpoor

Our musical experiences of the past really do contribute to defining our current and future tastes and thus, providing the blueprints to our musical road map. Our musical choices today do reflect who we are but can also begin to shape who we want to become.

Salimpoor showed how the experiences and exposure we have to different music through our life, whether that be the influences of our parents or all those years learning to beat the hell out of a drum kit (my parents really were patient people), create a template on which we base our choices today.

“well yeah, that’s obvious Rhys” I hear you grumble… and you would be right to call me out on that rather obvious assumption which I am sure we could all make. However, my aim in this blog is not to bring that particular information to your attention. Nope, my aim is to challenge you and ask: what do you want that template to look like tomorrow? We have the ability to enquire, contemplate and choose… whilst I don’t for second suggest you should know what the contents of your playlists will be in the future, or exactly where your musical roadmap will take you in your life, I do know that we are at the steering wheel.

We can explore, discover and in doing so, uncover new worlds of audio delights, if only we allow ourselves to embrace our curiosity and continue to dip our toe in to unfamiliar waters.

Liquid Drum and Bass still very much feels on the edge of the unknown, with so much more still yet to uncover. Camo & Krooked are shining examples of how just when we think everything has been done, WHAM…! Think again… 2017 certainly saw a progression in the sound thanks to the Austrian duo and well deserved accolades at the Drum and Bass Arena Awards certainly reflected this.

We are lucky enough to exist through a revolutionary age of music, an age where sound can be controlled and manipulated to create noises and of course feelings, which were so unexpected yet so very welcome. Out there is a whole universe of sounds and you and I have cutting edge technology at our disposal to venture in to the unknown.

A friend said to me quite some time ago… “What was the last thing you did for the first time?”. It honestly stopped me in my tracks and made me painfully aware of the fact that I had got stuck in a bit of a familiar groove, one which I was perhaps too familiar with.

So I ask you… What was the last thing you did for the first time? How familiar is your groove and could you sample a new groove? When was the last time you listened to something entirely different and honestly gave it a chance?

Stretch your thinking and consider, what do you want your soundtrack for tomorrow to sound like?